Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the stewardship of GSL, for all strategic decisions, and for the supervision of management and the affairs of the Company.

The principal functions and responsibilities of the Board of Directors, whether directly or through delegation to the Board Committees include:

Overseeing management including adopting a succession planning process, participating in the selection, appointment, development, evaluation and compensation of senior officers, promoting a culture of integrity consistent with the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and periodically reviewing this Code of Business Conduct and Ethics;

Overseeing the reliability and integrity of the accounting principles and practices and the disclosure principles and practices followed by management;

Overseeing the integrity of GSL's internal controls and management information systems by adopting appropriate internal and external audit and control systems;
Identifying major risks which might impact the Company and ensuring systems are in place to manage those risks;

Adopting a strategic planning process whereby management develops and proposes, and the Board of Directors reviews and approves, significant corporate strategies and objectives;

Overseeing GSL's continuous disclosure program and periodically reviewing and approving any significant changes to GSL's Disclosure Policy; and

Overseeing the development of the Company's approach to corporate governance including reviewing and approving any changes to GSL's
Corporate Governance Guidelines
The following table sets forth information regarding GSL's directors, the majority of whom are independent. Our articles of incorporation provide for a Board of Directors serving staggered, three-year terms. The term of Term I directors expires at the 2018 annual meeting of stockholders, the term of Term II directors expires at the 2019 annual meeting and the term of Term III directors at the 2020 annual meeting.
Michael S. Gross
Term III Director, Chairman of the Board
Howard Boyd
Term II Director
Angus R. Frew
Term II Director
Guy Morel
Term I Director
Alain Wils
Term III Director
John J. van de Merwe
Term I Director
Philippe Lemonnier
Term I Director

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