Committee Composition

GSL's Board of Directors has established Audit, Nominating / Corporate Governance and Compensation Committees, each comprised entirely of independent directors.

The Audit Committee reports to the Board of Directors on all matters related to the preparation of our financial information and its disclosure. The Audit Committee's Charter also includes recommending the appointment and review of external auditors, performing the internal audit function, overseeing significant financial transactions and financial policy and strategy, identifying and monitoring business risks and ensuring we fully meet disclosure requirements of regulatory authorities.

The Nominating / Corporate Governance Committee reports to the Board of Directors on and is responsible for issues succession planning and the appointment, development and performance evaluation of the members of the Board and senior executives of the Company. It also assesses the adequacy and effectiveness of our Corporate Governance Guidelines, reviewing and recommending changes to the Board whenever necessary.

The Compensation Committee is responsible for and reports to the Board of Directors on the evaluation and compensation plans, reviews and determines director compensation and prepares any report on executive compensation required by the rules and regulations of the SEC.

Committee Chair = Chair Committee Member = Member
  Audit Nominating and Governance Compensation
Michael S. Gross   Member of Nominating and Governance Committee Committee Chair for Compensation Committee
Howard Boyd Member of Audit Committee Committee Chair for Nominating and Governance Committee Member of Compensation Committee
Angus R. Frew Committee Chair for Audit Committee   Member of Compensation Committee
Guy Morel Member of Audit Committee Member of Nominating and Governance Committee  
Alain Wils      
John J. van de Merwe      
Term I Director

Mr. van de Merwe was appointed a director by the board of directors on May 8, 2014. With over 40 years of experience in operations, sales, pricing, marketing, geographic management, logistics, general and executive management in the international transportation industry, he is currently an independent consultant based in the Netherlands, providing services on maritime, transportation and logistics related topics, an activity he started in 2006. Mr. van de Merwe joined CMA CGM in 2000 to become President, later President/ CEO of their high growth North American entity, based in Secaucus, New Jersey and later Marseille. He retired in 2006. He started his career in Rotterdam, the Netherlands where he joined Sea-Land Service Inc in 1972 in operations. He subsequently spent 28 years with the Company. He held a number of management positions in sales, operations, pricing, becoming General Manager for North Europe in 1988. In 1990 he assumed responsibility for 29 countries, 23 ports and over 1,000 staff as Vice President/General Manager Europe which role included business development in the former Soviet Union. In 1990, Mr. van de Merwe became the first non-American Officer of the Company and in 1997, he was appointed Division Head for the new Asia/Middle East/ Europe Division. He also served on the Senior Management Board and pioneered the concept of a shared service center for Sea-Land in Mumbai. Mr. van de Merwe holds an International Marketing Degree from Netherlands Institute for Marketing.
Philippe Lemonnier      

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